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ID Journal Vol. 16 Nr° 1 January 2022 Article 1 EN

Goodbye "Osseointegration"
Statement of the International Implant Foundation, Munich Germany

ID Journal Vol. 16 Nr° 1 Januar 2022 DE

Tschüss Osseointegration!
Stellungnahme der Internationalen Implantatstiftung, München

ID Journal Vol. 15 Nr° 4 December 2021 EN

Case Report:
Considerations regarding implantological treatment in patients with aggressive periodontal involvement

It has been described well that patients with profound periodontal involvement may be treated in a single operation with the Technology of the Strategic Implant®. This group of patients will face no negative effects on the implant treatment stemming from their periodontal disease, if polished Corticobasal® implants are used. Such treatments are completed in an immediate functional loading protocol within a few days, and this time period is sufficient to restore the integrity of the oral mucosa.

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