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ID Journal Vol. 10 Nr° 1 March 2015 EN

Case Report:
Replacement of an anterior and lateral tooth segment after resection in the upper jaw.

Due to the development of a malignant melanoma in the area of the anterior dentition of the upper jaw, the saw segment including the teeth 15 - 22 had to be resected. In this article the surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation of the defect using the Strategic Implant® is described.

ID Journal Vol. 10 Nr° 2 June 2015 EN

Case Report:
Replacing congenital missing incisor tooth in an hour.

Immediate or early loading of dental implants has been a hot topic in implantology. It shortens the treatment time and makes it possible to provide the patient with a functional and aesthetic reconstruction during the entire treatment period. In patients with low amount of bone, placement of basal implants and their cortical anchorage allows single step procedure of immediate loading a successful method. Patients suffering from congenital hypodontia have thin bony ridges due to absence of adequate growth stimuli are ideal for basal implantology.

ID Journal Vol. 10 Nr° 3 Art. 1 Sept. 2015 EN

Case Report:
Morphological changes in the distal mandible influence basal implant survival.

Vertical bone apposition along the polished implant shafts of lateral basal implants have been observed and proven by scientific investigations. So far no reports of this kind have been published for screwable basal implants. In this case report we report on a case where vertical bone growth along a screwable basal implant (BCS brand) reached an extent where (self-)cleaning of the implant site failed and a chronic infection developed. The implant had to be removed.

ID Journal Vol. 10 Nr° 3 Art. 2 Sept. 2015 EN

Case Report:
Immediate Strategic Implant® restoration of the maxilla after removal of a fully impacted, horizontally retentived canine

Especially when retentived and impacted teeth have to be removed before providing dental implant therapy, long healing times have to be taken into account if conventional 2-stage implants are used. A fast and effective treatment is possible however with the Strategic Implant®. These implants require only cortical anchorage in the 2nd cortical and they require immediate splinting (with each other or in rare cases to teeth). The initial bone height (i.e. the distance between the 1st and 2nd corticals) is of no importance for the success of the Strategic Implant®, as long as a resorption stable 2nd or 3rd cortical can be reached and engaged.
This case report shows how this principle is applied in a case with a horizontally impacted canine in the upper jaw.